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Company Profile

Mellgroup Limited to focus on semiconductor business agent. And power management applications for core product line, the company with excellent technology support, marketing, quality management team, to maintain a positive and mutually beneficial long-term customer relationship to become dedicated power management program and market experts.

Mellgroup Limited products through the agent certification halogen-free, ROHS certification, the full import lead-free green process. The company has a good corporate culture, professional management, good service attitude, work together with customers of the electronics industry to flourish, to become "the most satisfied customers and vendors of agents", with the winning wide praise in the industry.

Mellgroup Limited as the micro-electronics service the needs of customers in major Chinese cities such as Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing and Jiangsu were set up branches and offices, and in Hong Kong and Shenzhen to set up free trade zone warehouse, for China to provide customers with fast delivery and best Services.

Mellgroup Limited Microelectronics goal is to become a center of excellence semiconductor component distributors.

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